There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home from a long day’s work, tossing off those heavy work boots or painful high heels, and sinking your toes into the soft, woven threads of your luxurious carpet.

The beauty of carpet is in the simplicity that it offers and the comfort that it brings. And with today’s modern technology, carpet can be used for much more than just warming up your feet (although that is a major plus). Now, carpet can be utilized as an essential decorative piece; a dramatic focal point in your interior designs. Through the use of bold colors and various textures, you can transform your living space into an area filled with style and character without sacrificing the soft, tactile sensation you desire for your carpet. Knowing that you can now keep the comfort and add in creativity, colour, texture, and comfort are three top trends in the flooring industry, causing the popularity of carpet to soar.

Before you choose which styles of carpet will be the best fit for your living space, take a look at these pointers to see which areas of your home could be the best match for highlighting these top trends.

Trend: Color

  • Living rooms or dining rooms offer chances for you to create illusions with color. Use a lighter color if you desire your space to look larger and more open. Use darker tones to create a cozy atmosphere by drawing the room in to look smaller.
  • Small spaces create an opportunity for bold statements. Adding a splash of strong color can add a fashionable touch without overwhelming the eye.
  • For high-traffic areas like hallways or staircases, choose a dark colour to help hide dirt or vacuum marks.

Trend: Texture

  • For moderate-to-high traffic areas, like your living room, choose a texture that is a good mix of soft and durable like wool. Its high quality of softness, long-lasting durability, and stain-repellant material makes it an all-time favorite for carpet lovers.
  • To add some stylish dimension, choose chunky carpets with a variable pile height and mixed cut-and-loop piles.

Trend: Comfort

  • Being a low-traffic area, your bedroom is the perfect spot to indulge in a deep-textured frieze, shag pile, or painterly design. Take advantage of your private space and allow your creativity and desire for comfort flow.
  • High, dense twists, chunky felts, or oversized loop piles are the newest style options for obtaining fashionable comfort.

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