Tile Flooring for Mt Washington, OH

Tile is perfect for designing a beautiful space.

Modern and Personalized Tile Floors

If you’re interested in updating your floors with good-looking, quality tiles, Floor Coverings International® is the place to go. Our tile solutions work great in a variety of rooms, and we’ll handle the installation process. From kitchen backsplashes and shower stalls to flooring for your house, we have a large selection of colors, textures and affordable price points for you to pick from.

Different Types of Tile Flooring

Would Tile Look Good in Your Home?

Sooner or later you will ask yourself if you should upgrade your flooring. Tile is a great choice if you want a one-of-a-kind style for any room in your home. Our experts can help you select the perfect tile floors and install them in your space.

We bring our Mobile Flooring Showroom® to you, so you can see our inventory of tile from the comfort of your home. Because we work directly with tile producers, we know the quality, source and value of every product in our inventory. The strong partnerships with our manufacturers means added value for you because we offer great prices. A great benefit to you is how we bundle our costs, which includes the cost of your new flooring as well as the installation, without hidden fees.

Tile Flooring Advantages

Our large collection of tile makes it possible for you to choose your favorite patterns, sizes and colors to let you create a one-of-a-kind design. In addition to making customized selections, tile is beneficial in that it’s easy to clean and lasts for many years. Our high-quality tile is good for rooms where there is a greater potential for scuffing and scratches. Personalize your property with intricate mosaic patterns and accents that add extra visual interest to any area.

Our Gallery of Tiling Options

Peruse our online gallery to check out what options are available and to gain inspiration. That way you have an idea of what you want before your appointment.

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Enhance Your Floors with Tile

Why is it that homes in Mt Washington, OH, have tile? It’s because it makes your home look luxurious with its unique characteristics. With tile floors and shower stalls, you can make unique patterns with different colors and textures. Additionally, tile doesn’t stain easily and can withstand everyday use. And since it’s so easy to clean, the upkeep required isn’t difficult. If you select a porous design, we can seal it during installation so that it doesn’t absorb water.

The demand for tile has grown because of all its advantages, such as how adaptable it is for a variety of purposes. You can stay within budget with our tile flooring solutions, which gives your home a classic appearance that will never go out of style. Pick out tiles to go with the design and color scheme of your home.

Glazed tiles have a coated top layer on their surface, which means they are impenetrable to liquids and stains. This characteristic makes tile ideal for surfaces that are susceptible to water, such as bathroom floors, showers, backsplashes and more. Ceramic tiles are a great flooring option available from Floor Coverings International®. Our flooring proposal includes an estimate upfront, so you won’t have to be concerned about any hidden fees.

Purchase Tile the Easy Way

Consult with Our Design Associates

We make purchasing new floors simple since we bring everything to you. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® lets you peruse our selections from the comfort of your home, to see how our tile looks and feels. This way you can be confident with the new floors you’re getting. Our process includes:

  • Design Consultation
  • Choose Flooring
  • Receive Complete Proposal
  • Make Your Decision
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Request A Complimentary Consultation

Schedule your complimentary consultation with our team for a time that fits into your schedule.

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In-Home Mobile Flooring Showroom®

Our Design Associates meet with you in the convenience of your own home and review the details of your flooring project.

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Flooring Installation

We have factory-trained professional flooring experts who install your new flooring.

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Post Installation Follow-up

We return to your property to evaluate the performance of your floor as part of our follow-up process.

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Get New Tile Floors for Your Home

If you’re interested in getting tile for your home, then Floor Coverings International® is your go-to solution. With our broad range of tiles, you’ll be able to find the perfect ones for your property in the Mt Washington, OH, region. Reach out to our Design Associates today to book an appointment. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® will come to your house so that you can have a valuable shopping experience.