Stair Runners in Brown County, OH

Stair runners are an excellent way to decorate your space with various patterns and a splash of color.

What Are Stair Runners?

A runner is a strip of carpet that is typically installed down the middle of an interior set of stairs. They are usually installed on harder surfaces like tile or wood. If you are considering adding a carpet stair runner to your place, the flooring specialists with Floor Coverings International® are ready to go over the carpet options for your runner. In addition, with the use of our Mobile Flooring Showroom®, you can check out how your options would look in your space before making a decision.

Why Should You Get a Stair Runner?

Floor Coverings International® offers carpet stair runners that are not only visually appealing, but they also provide many advantages for property owners. Chief among them is the fact that they're safe since wood and tile floors are smooth and slick and there’s always the possibility of a slip and fall. This is particularly true if you have children and pets or have a hard time moving around without help. Stair runners minimize the risk of slipping accidents by giving you some friction and cushion for your staircase. The best carpet stair runners are the ones that keep you safe, provide comfort, absorb noise and simply look elegant.

Other Advantages of Stair Runners

  • Enhances the interior design with extra color.
  • Gives you some cushion for a secure place to move up and down the stairs.
  • The sound absorbing characteristics in carpet reduces any sound of walking up and down the stairs.

Picture Gallery of Stair Runners

Check out our gallery of carpet stair runners online to see our endless designs and get inspired! When our team arrives at your place in Brown County, OH, with the Mobile Flooring Showroom®, you can see how the samples will look in your place before making a decision to any one of them in particular. Speak to our experts about the styles you're interested in, and we’ll help you choose the one that goes perfectly with your space.

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We Carry and Install Stair Runners

Carpet runners for stairs have become increasingly more popular, and Floor Coverings International® is your go-to expert for a selection of custom options. We also handle the installation process, so you have runners that fit the width and length of your home’s stairs. Many people like the look of leaving a border that displays the original stairs beneath the carpet for a more sophisticated look that’s not too narrow or covers too much.

Even if you have a unique stairway or a split-level staircase, Floor Coverings International® can customize the carpet stair runner of your choosing for your original staircase. Our expert crew can customize the layout and measurements to fit the dimensions of your stairs, so you won’t need to feel restricted in your selection. Floor Coverings International® is your number one source if you want a carpet stair runner for your home.

We have a large selection of carpeting to use for your carpet runner, so we think you'll be able to find the best solution. In addition, you have the extra convenience of shopping from your home since we bring you our Mobile Flooring Showroom®. You can see first-hand what your options look like on your stairs since what we stock comes with our Design Associates to your home.

Get Standard or Custom Stair Runners Today

Our Team Comes To You

Shopping for carpet runners for your stairs couldn’t be easier than it is with us. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom® drives directly to your home so that you can see what we have to offer. You’ll be able to see directly how a carpet runner will look inside your space. When you contact us for a carpet runner, you can expect this process:

  • Design Consultation
  • Choose Flooring
  • Receive Complete Proposal
  • Make Your Decision
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