They had what I needed and at a great price! I love that they brought samples to my home. The installation was quick and the guys were very friendly!
Lora Sauer
The moment the flooring van rolled into my driveway, I knew I was in good hands! Katie is fabulous and assisted immensely in helping us pick out our flooring. Our Kitchen floor looks FABULOUS! The install crew was professional and did the best job I've every witnessed. You guys rock! Can't wait for our carpet!
dorinda gunther
Excellent (or, as she would say, "Awesome!") presentation of flooring options, with a whole van-full of samples brought to our house and lots of helpful suggestions from sales rep Ally G; polite and efficient communications with the company re scheduling, etc.; installers Doug and Scott were expert and diligent, and happy to explain the process, in the (very complex) project of laying down bathroom+shower stall tiles on an old and sloping basement concrete floor covered with caked mastic (glue) from old broken tiles that had been removed. They did a great job despite the difficulties inherent in the work, and I would certainly recommend Floor Coverings International Cincinnati East to anyone who wants the best quality work done on his or her project. Mark L
Mark Lehman
Although there were complications, the project could have been completed faster
Tim Wickham
The installers were great!!! They did an excellent job. And I liked the product. However, the communication of Floor Coverings International was at best, poor. I was told to expect delivery of the product on a specific day. I waited 4+ hrs and when I called I was told “oh, it’s not going to be delivered today.... maybe tomorrow! Can you be home tomorrow??” Really!!???? Then the amount ordered was not enough so I had to wait until the following week to get the job finished. When it was finished my sales person wanted to schedule a time to “inspect” the final product. She was sick so the owner came instead. After I was sent the “final” bill, $300 was added because of plywood needed. Ok, but I was told it was a “final” bill. I guess final is not final. 🤷‍♀️ I felt the owner did not appreciate the inconvenience I endured during this process. Unfortunately, because of the above comments, I probably would not recommend this company.
Barbara Delorean
Install by promised date.
Angela Rabe
Many products and styles and price ranges to choose from.
Michelle Sloan
Staff members were personable and knowledgeable in providing guidance and estimates. They were careful about the details and bent over backward to do a quality job. We are very satisfied with the results.
Jackie Brumley
I liked the exceptional effort to get the job done right. All problems handled professionally and satisfactorily resolved.
Elaine Zelmon
Ally was great. She made everything so easy.
Kristin Dusterberg