Flooring ideas are everywhere. You may find the perfect flooring in a magazine, a showroom or the living room of a friend’s home.

When shopping for new flooring, keep in mind that what’s ideal for one location may be less than ideal for another. The right material, color, and style depend on a variety of factors, including traffic patterns, room décor, the presence of water, and even allergies.

Dens, for example, tend to be high-traffic areas that require a durable flooring that will withstand heavy use. This makes hardwood species such as white oak and Brazilian cherry popular choices. Luxury vinyl tile or plank can also be a good choice because it resists scratches and wear patterns.

Kitchens and bathrooms require special consideration because of the presences of water. Tile and vinyl flooring can easily withstand water and grease, making them a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

When reviewing flooring ideas, don’t let the many considerations overwhelm you. Call the experts at Floor Coverings International in East Cincinnati, OH, to find flooring ideas that fit each room of the house. Schedule your free in-home consultation today, or download our free Flooring Design Guide.

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