Engineered oak flooring can add a touch of tradition to any room. Oak wood has either a straight grain or a varied pattern of rays and flecks, depending on what sawing technique was used in the manufacturing process. Some distributors carry a “wormy grade” of oak flooring that has knots and worm holes scattered across the wood’s surface.

Unlike solid oak hardwood, engineered oak has a thin top layer of oak with a layer of plywood underneath.  It is important to remember, as with all engineered wood, this is still a real hardwood flooring option and is not to be confused with a laminate. With engineered hardwood flooring, the top layer can be lightly sanded once or twice over the course of its lifetime to remove surface scratches and scrapes. This makes engineered oak a practical choice for living rooms, bedrooms and other areas that get lots of traffic. Engineered oak flooring can be installed using a nail-down, glue-down or floating technique.

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