Cherry laminate flooring combines the rich,
warm hues of cherry hardwood with the convenience of laminate. Cherry comes in
many varieties, including Brazilian, Bolivian, Asian and American. Each one has
its own unique look.

Cherry was an especially popular
choice of wood for early American furniture and cabinets because of its open
grain and deep red hues. Today, you can get the same look in laminate. Cherry
laminate flooring is made from particle board topped with a photograph of wood
grain to make it look like real hard wood. Unlike hardwood, laminate pieces
snap or glue together for easy installation. It can even be installed on top of
concrete or old floors.

Cherry laminate flooring doesn’t
involve the harvesting of old-growth trees. It’s also a good choice for people
with allergies because it doesn’t trap dirt and dust the way some flooring
types can. Cleaning your cherry laminate flooring in
requires simple sweeping to remove loose debris or wipe up any spills with a
damp cloth.

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flooring, call today to schedule a free in-home
consultation with the experts at Floor Coverings International.

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