Berber carpet is a popular choice of carpeting for high traffic areas thanks to its durability and stain resistance.

Today, “Berber” is a term often used to describe any loop carpet.  The term Berber technically describes a certain type of loop carpet with a thick yarn and flecked color scheme (usually a light tan color with darker accents). These carpets originated in North Africa, where tribes used wool and camel hair to create rugs, carpet and cloaks.

Today’s loop or Berber carpet is most commonly made from nylon, wool or olefin fibers. Because of its low pile and dense loops, Berber can withstand heavy traffic and still look great. Learn more about nylon carpeting. Discover features and benefits of wool carpeting.

Loop carpets can come in a variety of different looks….solid color and all one length loops, multi-colored and multiple length loops (creating a great pattern or textured look) and anything in between. Years ago, loop carpets were generally relegated to basements and indoor/outdoor settings.  Today, with all the fashion-forward loops, and thanks to some real advancements in softer carpet fiber technology, loop carpeting is showing up in bedrooms, family rooms and every other type of room where carpet is generally used.

With so many styles, colors and patterns available, if you are looking for a loop or Berber carpet…give us a call.  Your design associate at Floor Coverings International in East Cincinnati, OH, is trained to evaluate your space and figure out the right color, pattern, and texture for your space.

The installation team will make sure that key considerations like seam placement (where the seams are positioned in the room) are taken in to account and your new carpet looks perfect.

For more information on Berber carpet, or to compare varieties, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International in East Cincinnati, OH, today.

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