How Do I Choose the Perfect Flooring for My Home?

By Jim Fitzgerald. In this post, we give you a framework for choosing the right floor for your home. And such a framework is sorely needed because today’s homeowner is confronted with a bewildering array of flooring choices. In the old days, it was easy. There were four choices. One was carpet. The second, the… Read more »

Why Are Stair Runners a Good Idea? by Jim Fitzgerald

People often have a stair runner for style: a way to elegantly cover their stairs while at the same time displaying beautiful hardwood stair treads (see figure). For others, the decision to cover the stairs stems from a fear of slipping on the smooth hardwood treads. A variety of stair runners (photo courtesy of ShawIndustries) A patterned stair runner can… Read more »

Labor: The Most Important Ingredient

As I’m writing this post on Labor Day (2015), I thought I would talk about the importance of the laborer (installer) to the success of a flooring project. The installer is key. The product – whether it be hardwood, bamboo, tile, vinyl, laminate, carpet, whatever – is manufactured. All the buyer has to do really… Read more »

How Can We Be Beat?

There are only three ways we can be outbid on a job. One – Inferior Materials Our franchise company has been in business for 24 years and has relationships with many of the largest and best manufacturers in the flooring industry. Because it has more than 100 franchisees across the United States and Canada, the… Read more »

Why Are Outstanding Flooring Installers so Hard to Find?

The installer is vitally important to the success of a flooring project. And yet, these skilled craftsmen are underpaid, overworked, and given little respect by contractors and clients. During housing’s boom years in the early 2000s, it was not uncommon for a top installer in the Cincinnati metro area to make more than $100,000 per… Read more »

Luxury Vinyl – The Wear Layer

All luxury vinyl is not created equal. So how can you tell the quality of a luxury vinyl product? While there are several important factors, one of the most important is the thickness of the wear layer. The wear layer is the top surface, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s what… Read more »

How Do I Choose between Site-finished and Pre-finished Hardwood?

Site-finished and pre-finished hardwood each has its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to clearly realize what these are in terms of your needs and wants for when the flooring of your dreams is hardwood. First, let’s describe the basic differences between these two types of hardwood. Site-finished hardwood arrives at your home as plain… Read more »

Wool Carpet – the Best Carpet for Your Home

This blog post gives you the “skinny” on wool carpet. Because we sell all types of carpet and don’t carry inventory, we can give you an unbiased assessment and description of wool carpet. The basics: wool carpets are of course made from wool shorn from sheep. Traditionally, the best wool is from New Zealand, although… Read more »

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