Hardwood is a beautiful, elegant flooring option that many people avoid for a number of reasons. From price to upkeep, there are many misconceptions that relate to hardwood flooring. Floor Coverings International put some of the most common issues people have with hardwood to rest!

  • Hardwood floors are expensive. While wood flooring does cost more than other flooring options like tile or vinyl, they happen to be one of the most durable, cost-effective options to include in your home. When installed properly, hardwood floors can last for 10-20 years, unlike other flooring options that only last an average of 5 years.
  • Hardwood floors are hard to keep clean. Maintenance of your hardwood floors simply requires a sweep! You don’t have to worry about breaking out the wet mop or steam cleaner, as this can strip the finish off of the wood and damage the wood itself. Unlike the wet cleaning solutions other flooring options require, all you need to refresh your hardwood is a broom or dusting cloth. In addition to being easy to clean, hardwood doesn’t harbor mold, dust, or animal dander like carpeting does, which makes it better for homes of allergy sufferers.
  • Wood flooring scratches easily. Any kind of flooring, from vinyl to tile and hardwood, is susceptible to scratches. With hardwood, the scratches that you’ll notice are in the finish, not the wood itself. Unlike tile or vinyl, all it takes is a simple reapplication of finish and the hardwood is as good as new! You can also minimize the chances of scratches happening by placing throw rugs on your hardwood. This is especially helpful if you have pets or young children pushing toys around on a daily basis.
  • Wood floors get dirtier than other flooring options. Your floors will get dirty, no matter what kind you have! The dirt and dust we see on wood floors is the same amount that would collect on other flooring types – it’s just not as obvious on tile or laminate surfaces.
  • Hardwood floors make a room feel cold. Most people know that carpet is a soft flooring option that can retain heat and help insulate your home, many don’t know that hardwood floors can do the same! Rich, dark shades of wood paired with the perfect accent rug can create a cozy space that will look and feel warmer in any room in your home.

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