Are you starting new construction? Maybe you’re in the middle of a remodel on your current home. Regardless, if you’re in the market for new floors, the options available to you are essentially endless. With so many styles, textures, and colors available, you have the freedom to exercise your imagination. Each flooring option comes with its own unique way of maintaining its natural beauty, so before you choose, make sure you know what kind of maintenance each is going to require.

  • Carpet. Carpeting is a tried and true flooring option that provides you home with warmth and comfort. This flooring option can also reduce noise, improve the indoor air quality of your home, and soften slips and falls for infants or elderly family members. Carpet is easily maintained with regular vacuuming and the occasional shampooing, typically about every 18 months or so. To maintain the beauty of your carpet long term, avoid heavy point loads on carpet (use protective caps to prevent wear and tear), snip snags immediately, and prevent the carpet from being exposed to strong sunlight.
  • Hardwood Flooring. Wood floors can last hundreds of years, use less water and energy to produce than other flooring options, and improve indoor air quality. You may not notice those environmental advantages, but you will notice wood flooring’s beautiful warmth, wide range of colors and grains, and many finish options. The colors and grains for wood flooring are practically endless with the drama of Bubinga to the classic elegance of Black Walnut. For long lasting quality in your floors, prevent grit from entering your home by asking friends and family to remove their shoes upon entry. When cleaning, use products that don’t leave a residue. When spills happen, clean them up right away, and always avoid any kind of moisture when it comes to hardwood. Do not use any type of wax product on your wood floor because wax actually soaks through the finish and enters the wood. Instead, use a product called Bona, which can be easily found at major hardware stores.
  • Vinyl Flooring. Gone are the days where vinyl was looked at as the cheap substitute to quality floors. Vinyl is for the homeowner looking to take advantage of bold designs, quick installation, and low maintenance. Modern vinyl is stain resistant, durable, comes in the widest range of patterns and colors of any flooring material, and resists water. Cleanup with vinyl is extremely simple: damp mop the floor periodically.Which of these flooring options will be on display in your home? No matter which fits your lifestyle, Your Flooring Experts are there to help find the right fit for your home. Contact us today to discuss all of your flooring options, as well as the best tips and tricks to maintain your floors.