Office FlooringYou want your office space to feel comfortable, clean and fresh for you and your employees. There are lots of flooring types and styles available, so how do you know which one is right for your office?

Office flooring must be able to withstand a lot of traffic, be able to be installed quickly, and be easy to maintain. Consider these options:

Hardwood. Hardwood flooring provides a natural, elegant look, no matter what your business offers. Whether your office is used to receive and meet with clients or a place your employees gather to get things done, hardwood gives a classic and clean appearance. Hardwood also makes it easy to reconfigure furnishings, whether you’re adding new team members or updating the look of your reception area. Hardwood is vulnerable to scratches and dents, so if your office is bustling on a daily basis, it may not be the best option. This flooring will work in small office spaces or home offices, though!

Carpet. The carpeting installed in office spaces is drastically different from the carpeting we install in our homes. It’s less plush, but designed to withstand high foot traffic and the test of time.  Commercial grade carpeting in neutral shades with minimal prints or patterns are ideal for office spaces. In a home office, you have a bit more wiggle room, as the foot traffic is considerably less. You also have more freedom to choose when it comes to color and pattern.

Tile. Tile flooring is easy to install yourself and even easier to maintain! It is a stable and durable option for any office space, available in all different shapes and sizes that make it easy to get the look you want. Stone or ceramic tile ensure certain standards of cleanliness your employees and customers expect to see in a professional office setting. This is especially true for offices that need to be kept clean and sterile, such as a doctor’s or dentist’s offices.

Vinyl. Vinyl is one of the most affordable, versatile options on the market. Many offices lean towards vinyl flooring because it takes on the appearance of hardwood but is more cost-effective. Vinyl flooring is highly customizable and is resistant to moisture and cleans well, making it perfect for areas prone to spills or water splashes, like office kitchens and bathrooms.

Before choosing flooring for your office, do your research and make sure the flooring you pick is right for your needs. For recommendations on flooring for your office, call the experts at Floor Coverings International of Cincinnati.