vinyl flooringPrior to the invention of luxury vinyl, durable, hard-surface flooring that was inexpensive and attractive wasn’t really an option for homeowners. Today, luxury vinyl is the fastest growing flooring category.. It’s strong but graceful, and appreciated in the home improvement world for its attractive yet durable designs. Vinyl is often called “linoleum flooring,” but it is a much different flooring from actual linoleum, which is actually made of linseed oil and cork, among other things.

Vinyl flooring is also functional: it resists scratching and is water resistant, making it is a great floor in a home that has pets.

You can find vinyl in a large variety of styles, with both a wood look and a tile look. The wood-look vinyl comes in “planks” while the tile-look vinyl comes in tiles. For the tile look, you can either use grout or not. One nice thing about the grout used for vinyl tile: it’s acrylic grout so it is less porous than real grout. This means it doesn’t get dirty as fast and it’s easier to keep clean . Some people actually  prefer luxury vinyl tile to ceramic tile! Luxury vinyl  is warmer and more flexible than ceramic tile. Also, because luxury vinyl is flexible, it is generally less expensive to install than ceramic.

Being resistant to water, vinyl is a great  flooring option for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. It’s also a great option for playrooms or for areas where children are sure to spill something every now and again.

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