I felt I had to make the calls on finding out when the installers would show up. The scheduler was not very responsive. They were nice and professional but when they worked it was usually from 9:30/10:00am to 2:30. It seems that if their day was planned better that the job would've been completed faster.
Ron Riedy
Great service. Excellent product. Thank you!
Sucato, Tony & Ira
poor communication poor scheduling lack of knowledge of and control over subcontractors
Rawe, Tony & Beth Ann
long wait to have installed
Mary Lee Tracy
Installers were very careful and the carpeting was good quality
Robert Selickman
Too many issues arose: behind schedule, failure to communicate, original work was sub par, etc.
Patti Anderson
The install took a lot longer than expected. I was told about 4-5 hours and that the installers would be at my house around 9. I got a call around 9/9:30 saying that the installers went to the wrong place to pick up the carpet so they wouldn't be at my house until 10:30/11. The installers came at 11 and were at my house until 7. They were very nice and respectful of my house. However, there were two spots (black) on the carpet installed and the track laid down where the carpet met the closet is bent and doesn't look great. The next day, someone came to look at the carpet and I showed him both issues. He suggested I use the book he was giving to see how to clean the spots and if I couldn't get them out to call back. He wasn't concerned with the bend track by the closet. A couple days later he called me back and said he felt bad about the spots and that he was going to have someone call me in the next day to schedule a time to come out and clean it. He said to call him back if the guy never called. Well the guy has not called and I am not taking more time calling anyone back given that the spots on the carpet were not my fault and I am frustrated that I was even told to clean it to begin with. Ultimately, the price was good and the carpet looks good (minus these two issues), but not the service I would expect.
Stephanie Haap
Good comunication
Spraley, Judy
They provided us with a very professional installation of a fine product. The product and their work more than met our expectations and we would not hesitate to use them again for any other flooring need.
Judy & Phil Perry
The part that went well was the actual installation of the hardwood. We didn't have choose from one of their selections as we were matching preexisting hardwood already in other areas of our home. The installers were extremely knowledgable, professional and the final product looks great. There are 3 parts that could improve. First is in the area of communication. From the first meeting throughout the 2 month-long process, communication was inconsistent at best. I constantly had to call, text, or email to find out: Did we have an installation date or when might the wood be arriving to become acclimated to the house and on and on..... all the way through to the final installation of the transition strip. Again, I had to email several times to ask when this might be happening. As a customer, this is very frustrating. Even if the answer is, "We aren't sure yet, or the product hasn't come in," why not let the customer know that, instead of letting them wonder? To me, that is just good customer service. The other area of needing improvement is time management. Even on the first visit to give me the bid, Katie was late arriving, and though she called to let me know that she was going to be late, there was no offer of an apology. This continued to be a concern again, throughout the process. Rarely did someone come or get back to us, when they said they would, and it wasn't until the very end of all of the did I ever hear, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience." That was from Jim, in the final email to get the transition strip installed. Finally, the area needing improvement is probably experience. Our job involved a tricky curve that they probably hadn't seen before and the initial plan was impossible for the installer to execute. Experience would have known that. So, I would say, if they can improve in communication and time management, and gain the experinece needed, they would maybe be a good company. Right now the best thing going for them are the installers.
Patty & Rob Hons