Great service, reasonable prices and expert work. What more can you ask for.
Phyllis Tenenholtz
I appreciate the extremely high level of customer service demonstrated by Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald.
Russell & Joan Fox
The customer service.
Cooke, Cathy
It is so much easier to shop in your own home than to go to a store and be overwhelmed! I like the quality of the products, installation, and ease of process, and have already recommended FCI Cincinnati East to friends.
Lora Swedberg
The knowledge and quality
Larry Cook
Easy to work with. Very professional! Beautiful work!
Julie Bishop
Great product, installation and service!
Spelic, Jason & Heather
Communications were not what I expected or what I believe should exist between a supplier and a customer. Execution of the order was delayed but once begun everything went smoothly.
Schmelzer, Nicholas
I felt I had to make the calls on finding out when the installers would show up. The scheduler was not very responsive. They were nice and professional but when they worked it was usually from 9:30/10:00am to 2:30. It seems that if their day was planned better that the job would've been completed faster.
Ron Riedy
Great service. Excellent product. Thank you!
Sucato, Tony & Ira